The original Puqpress in an updated design.

This fourth generation had it’s last facelift in 2018. Q1 is our most straight forward model and delivers an incredible even tamp in just 1.3 seconds. With it’s small footprint, it fits on every bar.

Simply plug it in, adjust the lower fork and dial in the tamping force to your preference with 1kg precision.

Ensuring consistency between baristas has never been this easy.

Manufactured by
Upper Clamp

Thanks to the patented clamping mechanism, Puqpress can be used with all portafilters.

Lower Clamp

Adjusted to make a perfect fit with your favourite portafilter.


Place the portafilter and the tamper is activated automatically.


Pressure can easily be set between 10-30 kg. The display shows the pressure at which the tamper is set.


Featuring a special cleaning mode for the tamper disk.

  1. Adjustable height for different types of portafilters.
    This height can be adjusted manually using an Allen key.
  2. Clean mode for cleaning.
  3. 1 year guarantee.
Net weight 4.0 kg
Suitable for All kinds of portafilters, single or double shot
Tamper diameter 53-59 mm
Tamper shape flat bottom
Adjustable pressure 10-30 kg
Cycle duration 1.3 sec
Available in One version – Black / Grey
Dimensions (WxDxH) 15x20x29cm