Q2 contains our most advanced technology and does everything a Barista could wish for.

The best thing, it offers a “Precision Tamp” setting, that causes zero suction and allows baristas to use a bigger diameter tamper base to optimize extraction.

Second, it’s tamp is even more level and it needs less cleaning on the job than before.

It has the same small foot print as Q1 but comes in Matt Black or Matt White. Together with the aluminum finished details it looks stunning on every counter.

Manufactured by
Non-stick Coating

Your precisely dosed coffee bed stays intact.

Compatible with Naked Portafilter

Use any Portafilter you like and change it when you want to.

Fine Adjustment

Adjust the Lower Clamp with ease.

Improved frame stiffness

A tougher Puqpress for an even better leveled tamp.

Adjustable steps of 1kg

Optimize your extraction

Net weight 4.0 kg
Suitable for All types of portafilters. Naked, Single sprout and double sprouts
Tamper diameter 53-58.3 mm (customised)
Tamper shape flat bottom
Adjustable pressure 10-30 kg (adjustable steps of 1kg)
Cycle duration 1.3 sec
Available in Full matt Black & Full matt White
Dimensions (WxDxH) 15x20x29cm